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CoverWeb is more than just a software company!

Through years of research, development and first hand experience, dealing directly with customers who need an online presence, we have come to understand the needs of the average person who wants to have a website.
We are slowly but surely hacking away to develop a system that is stable and reliable, and that can be used by anyone.

In a world where the internet is becoming more and more important, we believe that everyone should have a website, and we are working to make that a reality.
We are also working on a system that will allow people to make money from their websites or alternatively an ecosystem to make earning an income for the developers who work so hard to better manage their businesses within the world of development.

Too many times have we come across projects that have been abandoned due to a lack of understanding in implementation, and we are working to change that.
Truth be told, being a developer is not easy, and we are working to make it easier for everyone.
And on top of that reduce the number of people who are having their money wasted by developers who are not delivering on their promises. Through the use of an easy to use system we hope that this will achieve what we are aiming for.

Please consider supporting us. Just by using our system you can supports us.

Disclaimer :

With the above in mind. Its is our absolute mission to be perfect. But in all honesty dev is complicated. If we are to have no mistakes through our journey in this development. We will consider ourselves lucky.
We are not here to make empty promises. We stand strong by our adiment persistence for an unwaivering objective of absolute quality. With that said we are still scaling. Currently we cannot handle the load of a large scale project (100.000 + in traffic). But we are working on it.
And hopefully very soon we will take on large corporates as well!